Do as I say, not as I do. That seems to be the message from Alameda-based apparel company North Face, which released a series of ads under the moniker "perspective hunting" featuring a photographer as he tramples around cool San Francisco spots. Introduced with a big "Warning: Do Not Attempt" flashed right across the screen, the photographer Ryan Scherer is shown sneaking around off-limits sites like Caltrans and Muni tunnels.

"I am constantly looking to see the city in new ways and from angles that everyone around me misses," Scherer writes of his explorations. "It reminds me that despite all the craziness, I still have my own place to find and own. It reshapes my own reality while also showing others a perspective that challenges the way they approach their surroundings."

Writing of his trek through a Muni tunnel, he describes his technique. "In a thriving neighborhood, a quick run down the mouth of a tunnel leaves me in awe. This tunnel is a true gem hidden in plain sight."

We reached out to SFMTA in an effort to determine if North Face got city permission and proper permits to shoot the ads, but received no response as of press time (the fact that in one of the videos Muni tunnel lights are shown switching suggests that it is an active tunnel). If the city did approve it, it's an interesting message from an agency that is constantly dealing with people entering their tunnels and mucking up Muni service. If they didn't, well, then we guess the famous purveyor of fleece vests is an edgier brand than we initially thought.

Either way, the video series shows some cool views of the city. You can see the rest on North Face's site.

Update: After confirming that the tunnel in the video was indeed a Muni tunnel, SFMTA spokesperson Paul Rose told SFist that the shoot was unpermitted. "Trespassing into a subway tunnel can severely impact service, but, more importantly, it is extremely dangerous and can have tragic results," he explained.

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