As Future rhapsodizes on his track "Jumpman" with Drake, "Nobu, Nobu, Nobu, Nobu, Nobu, Nobu." A status byword in hip-hop and popular culture generally, the New York-founded sushi chain from chef Nobu Matsuhisa has spread around the globe with more than 40 locations. Until now, it's evaded the Bay Area, but no longer: As initially speculated in March, Nobu will arrive in Palo Alto, where Eater confirms it's bound for the former Lure + Till space in Larry Ellison’s Epiphany Hotel.

The Oracle CEO, a billionaire yacht cheater and Hawaiian Island owner who bought the big-ass Palo Alto property for $71.6 million in September 2015, clearly enjoys the finer things in life, and sushi at Nobu likely counts among them. The move to install a Nobu in his hotel makes sense: Ellison is an investor in and partner in Nobu Ryokan, which Eater explains is a Nobu hotel property in Malibu.


Tragically, for the moment, billionaires will have to spend their money on fish elsewhere: The Nobu opening in Palo Alto won't happen until next summer. Inside Scoop reports that a significant overhaul of the restaurant space will occur after Lure +Till vacates on January 2. That restaurant opened in 2014 with chef Patrick Kelly, but he moved to Denver last year. Plans for the Nobu remodel show a renovated kitchen and maintained outdoor seating.

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Lure + Till via Yelp