The horror show of Black Friday is over, and of course brawls broke out in various parts of the country as they always do. But things turned deadly Thanksgiving night outside a Reno Walmart when a road rage incident lead to a person being shot and killed. As ABC 13 reports, this was a dispute over a parking spot, and the suspect fled the scene. NPR is reporting that the person or persons suspected in the shooting have been "located" and the gun recovered, however no arrests have been made. Apparently both the victim and the suspect were armed with guns.

Meanwhile, a brawl broke out over a parking spot at a Houston shopping center, according to CNet. (There's video of that here.)

And a brawl between what appears to be a group of teens or young adults broke out at a Modesto mall, as CBS 5 reports. The fight doesn't appear to have been over any Black Friday deal items, and this occurred overnight on Thanksgiving night according to KRON 4. This happened around midnight at the Vintage Faire Mall, and as you can see in the video below, it spilled into a JC Penney.