• San Francisco City Attorney David Chiu reiterated the city's objections and again asked the Port of Oakland Board of Commissioners to reverse their decision to change the name of Oakland International Airport. The city has filed suit against the Port and the City of Oakland, and the board will take a final vote Thursday on the change to the rather absurd "San Francisco Bay Oakland International Airport." [Chronicle]
  • A suspicious death that occurred Sunday in the Tenderloin is being investigated by San Francisco police. The death occurred on the 200 block of Taylor Street just before noon on Sunday. [KRON4]
  • The California Supreme Court will decide in the coming weeks whether to kick a sweeping anti-tax initiative off the November ballot. The initiative, brought by business and anti-tax groups, would require state lawmakers to bring every new tax measure to voters, rather than the current system which requires a two-thirds majority vote in both chambers. [CalMatters]
  • The Santa Clara Valley Transit Authority (VTA) Board of Directors last week narrowly approved the $172.6 million purchase of 48 new BART cars for the San Jose BART extension — and this means BART gets to use these cars and put wear and tear on them for ten years before that extension is projected to be up and running. [Bay Area News Group]
  • Some middle schoolers in San Jose were hospitalized Wednesday morning after exposure to elevated carbon dioxide levels possibly from a "volcano" science experiment gone wrong. [KTVU]
  • Some asshole has allegedly been parking his Tesla Cyber Truck in the same crosswalk at Mason and Lombard every day. [BrokeAss Stuart]
  • Football star and Taylor Swift arm candy Travis Kelce has been cast in Ryan Murphy's latest, Grotesquerie. [Deadline]
  • With sales down nearly 10% across the wine industry, California wineries are feeling the squeeze, and there could be a major reckoning on the horizon after years in which the industry saw only growth. [Chronicle]

Photo: Jeremiah Ross