The former site of an upscale candy and soda shop, The Fizzary, is once again in the news following reports that the location's current tenant is still running an illegal, late-night gambling and prostitution operation out of the building. Mission Local reports that neighbors again feel threatened by the rowdy patrons and accompanying brawls, and that police have been unresponsive to their concerns.

As you may recall, this is not the first time this building at 2949 Mission Street has been used as a house of ill repute. In October of last year we noted that, in a rare case of reverse gentrification, the shop had been transformed following its closure into a late-night party spot and had played host to at least one shooting.

Things even got so bad that the Fizzary's owner and then lease-holder, Taylor Peck, vandalized his own storefront with the words "ILLEGAL CLUB" in an effort to draw attention to his allegedly law-breaking subtenants. His efforts seemed to eventually pay off, and after he was evicted (he had been living in the space) the den was finally shut down in January of this year. “God help the property owner, tenants, and neighborhood that those low life speakeasy vampires will inevitably sink their infected fangs into next,” Peck told Capp Street Crap at the time.

Unfortunately for the store's neighbors, it seems the fangs in question never strayed too far as now the same late-night action is just operating out of the back of the building facing Lilac Street. “There’s been fights in the back alley, people urinating, vomiting,” a neighbor told Mission Local. “There’s no parking in the back alley. All these people park back there, honking all night long and it’s hard to sleep.”

“It’s the same thing as at the Fizzary, the exact same thing,” another neighbor told the paper. “When I call the police it’s the same thing. They either don’t come or they don’t do much.”

At least one neighbor told the publication that the same men who ran things last year are behind the business — proving that in San Francisco you just can't keep an entrepreneur down. Or, at least without a warrant anyway.

“We need to have that concrete evidence," SFPD spokesperson Carlos Manfredi explained to Mission Local. "We have to have a reason to go inside the building. It’s one of those things where we can only do as much as we’re allowed to by the law.”

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