This compact Kickstarter success is now coated in 24-karat gold plating.

The KeySmart Extended Key Organizer: 24K Gold Edition combines our two favorite things: knowing where our keys are at all times, and of course, sparkly stuff. Plus, if you’re shopping for the person that’s impossible to shop for, this gadget is about to save the day.


The KeySmart replaces your usual clunky set of keys with a sleek, compact gadget. Not only does this handy contraption keep all your keys in one place, it’s designed to fit as many as 8 keys. That means no more fishing around in your bag looking for the right key (hooray!).


Lighten your load or give a gift that will actually get used (not re-gifted) and get the KeySmart Extended Key Organizer: 24K Gold Edition for 50% off — that’s just $24.99 with shipping included.

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