"Trump is really going to start a civil war," said 18-year-old Oakland resident Tyler Holston to the SF Chronicle during a Friday evening protest she was marching in. She said she had been considering joining the Air Force but now is reconsidering saying, “I don’t know if I can serve my country with that man in office."

The numbers of protesters in the streets seemed to wane Friday, but there is likely plenty more to come this weekend and beyond. One planned protest, which may still grow, is planned in Golden Gate Park on Sunday, and Occupy Oakland is planning a rally in Frank Ogawa Plaza tonight at 7 p.m.. Meanwhile a massive protest is underway, possibly the largest yet, in Los Angeles that began in MacArthur Park Saturday morning. 150 people were arrested in LA as part of another protest that went into the wee hours of Saturday.

As of 8:30 p.m. Friday, CHP in Oakland was tweeting that things had remained non-violent and under control among protesters there.

On Friday, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf condemned the vandalism and violence at protests on Wednesday and Thursday nights, when, as they often have in recent years, anarchist factions waged war on car dealerships and other businesses along Broadway. "It is so infuriating that a small group of cowardly vandals are using peaceful protests to shield their acts of destruction," Schaaf said.

Amidst the chaos on Wednesday in Oakland, photo journalism graduate student Kyle Ludowitz was attacked by several anarchists and had his camera equipment broken. Despite having covered conflicts in Egypt, Syria, and Palestine, Ludowitz said, "I was expecting more violence from the police, so this caught me off guard."

KRON 4 reports that a smaller group of about 50 protesters approached San Francisco City Hall on Friday evening, after a day marked primarily by student protests — high school students had Veterans' Day off, and gathered again to march through the Mission and elsewhere.

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