The principal of Milpitas High School was placed on leave this week following the release of video showing him yelling "fuck Donald Trump" at a school-wide assembly. As CBS 5 reports, the popular principal had called the assembly to address election-related stress in the student body. Snapchat video of the exclamation shows students egging him on, and then erupting into cheers after he said what many of them were likely thinking.

The length of the leave is unclear, but many students believe principal Phil Morales shouldn't be in trouble at all. “The principal should be allowed back on the campus because he was voicing his discretion right with us, and just because he’s an adult doesn’t mean anything,” one student told the channel. “Maybe it was kind of far to use profanity, but I think it was good that he was standing with us,” explained a second student.

Not all parents agreed. "Not all of us voted for the same person and that's OK," a Milpitas High School student's mom, Lori Garmany, told ABC 7. "But once that person is now here we should've been taking that time today to teach them tolerance, to teach them we need to unite together."

That the person who perhaps most needs a lesson in tolerance is in fact the object of Morales's profanity appears to be lost on Garmany. Meanwhile, students around the Bay walked out of classes yesterday in protest of Trump.

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