In addition to the nightly protests in Oakland and the walk-outs staged Thursday at Bay Area schools, local residents will have another opportunity to express their dismay at the results of the presidential election on Sunday, at a protest planned for Golden Gate Park.

Organized by the Richmond District Blog, the event is intended to "protest the results of our election and march for what we hold dear about our country and the democratic process: the freedom to express ourselves, tolerance, peace, education, safe haven for refugees and immigrants from around the world, equal rights, inclusion, justice, liberty and freedom."

According to the Facebook event page for the march:

Most of San Francisco is shocked and saddened by the results of our presidential election, and fearful for what the next four years will mean for our nation, our families, and our friends. For over a year now, we have had to listen to Donald Trump’s bigoted, racist and sexist rhetoric that has brought out the worst in our electorate, and has resulted in what will surely be the worst presidency this country has ever experienced.

Though as of publication time, the number of participants was low, I've watched it steadily rise as I composed this brief report. Given the number of people who have contacted SFist in recent days asking us for more information on where they can protest Trump's ascendancy, I suspect the number of those planning to attend will only continue to grow.

Participants are asked to wear a safety pin as part of the #safetypin protest movement: Initially launched following Brexit, the gesture of wearing a pin declares that the bearer is a "safe ally." (Protest organizers also say that pins will be available for those who forget to bring one to GGP.)

Scheduled to begin with a rally at 11 a.m. Sunday on John F. Kennedy Drive in Golden Gate Park (directly behind the de Young Museum, near Fulton Street and 10th Avenue), participants will then march west down JFK to Ocean Beach. Interested in participating? Let organizers know here.

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