Last night, thousands of San Franciscans marched to protest the bigoted demagoguery that elected Donald Trump to the presidency. But, as usual, it looks like Oaklanders had a thing or two to show us about political demonstrations. There, the New York Times writes, crowds larger than 6,000 swelled, beginning as indicated on Facebook at Frank Ogawa Plaza. Officers in riot gear were called in, and according to protesters at the scene, they deployed tear gas to disperse demonstrators.

ABC 7 calls the protest mostly peaceful at first, but later, windows were smashed, people began spraypainting graffiti, and some started fires, including at the soon-to-be Uber headquarters, the former Sears building that's under renovation. The news channel reports that one officer was injured in the protests.

"To me it's like I kind of lost faith in America," one protester told a reporter for the channel. "When we don't have equity and we don't have justice we will resist."

A newly re-elected Oakland school board member, Jumoke Hinton Hodge told ABC 7 that "Many of our teachers had to be with students who are scared to death of what may happen, Latino children, Muslim Arabic children."

The Chronicle writes that there were still other scuffles with the police: One protestor, for example, reportedly lobbed a flare at a line of officers. OPD tells the paper that splinter groups threw rocks, bottles, and even Molotov cocktails at buildings, though they estimate it to have been a small number of protesters engaging in such acts of vandalism and violence. Several arrests were reportedly made and citations were given for crimes including assaulting an officer, vandalism, and failure to disperse.

Mayor Libby Schaaf had choice words for the Chronicle: "The best way to protest this election is to show that Oakland comes together and does not fall apart," she said. "Show that diverse, progressive cities like ours work and remain committed to social justice.”

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