Oh, is summer over? Excuse us, we’re too busy getting our grill on to hear what you’re saying.

Who says grilling season is over? This Smokeless Indoor Grill lets you enjoy all your usual summertime fare, even in the dead of winter. We’re now offering it for $23.98 — that’s half off the regular price (and a fraction of the cost of traditional grills, we might add).

This innovative grill couldn’t be easier to use. Simply place it on your stovetop (it’s compatible with electric, gas, and propane stoves alike), crank up the heat, and get straight to cooking. You’ll be whipping up a storm of charred deliciousness in no time, whether perfectly seared burgers, hot dogs, vegetables, and much more.

On top of all that, this grill’s designed to minimize the pain of cleanup. It features an outer ring that catches all the fats and juices, plus its design minimizes the smoke issuing from your food as it’s cooking. And its nonstick surface will eliminate any worries of hard-to-remove residue...even if you did end up burning the chicken, but we won’t tell.

While it’s usually retailing for $48, you can now get this Smokeless Indoor Grill for 50% off MSRP. That’s just $23.98, with free shipping to the Continental US included in your purchase.

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