A recent home sale in San Francisco grants us a glimpse into the world of the San Francisco super rich. At 2250 Vallejo Street in Pacific Heights, a 7-bedroom home just sold for $21.8 million, with the Chronicle reporting it as the most expensive home sold so far this year. The new owner will get to enjoy his abode for many years to come: He's just 30 years old, and his billions come from a career in tech.

Built in 1901, the property has 7 bathrooms, 3 half-bathrooms, and five levels. It also sports four fireplaces. Real estate site SF Properties tells us that the location has an "infinity plunge pool, gas fire pit & spa lounge." Oh, and you can see the Bay from the living room.

But just who, exactly, has plunked down for this jewel of a home? That would be Kyle Vogt, who in his short life has sold two separate companies — video game streaming site Twitch to Amazon and self-driving technology company Cruise Automation to General Motors — for around a billion each. The house was previously owned by a different kind of San Francisco wealth-haver — Blue Bottle Coffee's Bryan and Tara Meehan, who purchased it in 2012 for $6.95 million, but never moved in.

Curbed reports that the home was originally built for salmon packing magnate James Madison, and that former San Francisco Mayor Angelo Joseph Rossi was even once a resident. The structure was later converted into a multi-unit apartment building, and remained as such for many years, until the Meehan's purchased it and began renovation. 2250 Vallejo Street has now returned to a single-family home. Must be nice.

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