What's the first thing you do when your body starts acting weird? Duh. You Google your symptoms. WebMD that shit!

Sunbelt Staffing (yes, Sunbelt Staffing) took a gander at Google Trends to see which U.S. cities googled which medical problems the most.

Ew, San Francisco. Ew.

According to our Google searches, San Franciscans most regularly search for skin problems. Specifically, we're "curious" about dandruff and eczema. San Jose suffers similar flaky issues. In fact, according to Sunbelt Staffing's Google Trend research, San Jose is basically the dandruff capital of the world.

San Franciscans also google sciatica, which is some kind of leg/butt-area pain and is most likely incurred from manspreading on public transportation.

The Bay Area is not a top city for mental health searches or respiratory ailments, although San Jose does pop up a lot when searching for "the common cold." At least we're not Nashville, whose residents have a whole lot of questions about diarrhea.

"A high level of searches for a specific ailment in any given area is not a definite science, but could give some indication of a shortfall with education or employment, a wider problem related to the geographical location of the city, or an indication of environmental factors in the area," explains Sunbelt Staffing of their research.

What geographical or environmental factor is causing our (your) dandruff? Is designer coffee drying scalp skin? Is it that funky Muni air? A WebMD article entitled, "Dandruff: Learn the Basics" says that fungus is involved. Scalp fungus.

"The internet is a great resource, but shouldn’t be used as a replacement for assessments by trained medical professionals," warns the folks at Sunbelt. It's also important to remember that Head and Shoulders has totally revamped their product and it smells a lot better now.