Thinking about getting your driver's license renewed today? You might want to reschedule, even if you have one of those coveted appointments. ABC 7 reports that the Department of Motor Vehicles computer system is down statewide, and that employees have been working through the night in an attempt to identify and fix the problem.

"The DMV experienced a major computer outage on October 24, 2016 impacting offices around the state," reads a DMV notice. "The offices that are still down will continue providing drive tests, making return appointments, helping with paperwork, and answering customer’s questions."

Anything that involves a computer, however, will have to wait. The alert says that the San Francisco office (and many others — including the Oakland Claremont DMV) were still down as of 9:40 a.m. this morning.

Officials were quick to reassure ABC 7 that the DMV was not hacked, and Government Technology reports that the outage was caused by a problem with physical hardware. "The catastrophic failure was the loss of several hard disks in a primary and backup system," DMV Public Information Officer Artemio Armenta told the publication.

Hard disks... interesting. I thought the DMV was still using floppy ones. This is not the first time a technical problem has brought down the DMV computer system. In 2012 officials said a "glitch" was responsible for a statewide outage. Long lines, pictured above, predictably followed.

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