Keyano, 21, nearly lost his life in a Vallejo motorcycle accident. He did lose his leg, which was amputated, and his family adds that he lost a bit of his dignity due to improper medical care. Terribly afraid for him, they were further scared — and later outraged — by real-time Instagram posts from the account of the ambulance company, Falcon Critical Care Transport, that took Keyano to the hospital.

“I actually didn’t really read the hashtags until someone brought it to my attention,” a family member tells KPIX 5, who had the story. Those included the statement “This is what happens when you’re careless in the rain on a motorcycle” and hashtags like #byebyeankle, #thelouderyouscreamthefasterwego and #oncethedoorscloseyourassismine.

Keyano's brother learned of the seriousness of his brother's injury through the Instagram photo, which a friend sent to him. “We were devastated," he told KPIX5. "I mean, he’s my little brother.” The family is suing the operators of the so-called #booboobus, Falcon Critical Care, under the assumption that the company violated its patient's privacy.

At the very least, they might question why a care provider was on their phone while responding to a critical injury #doyourjob #getoffyourphone.

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