Sorry to tell you this — not sorry drought-wise! — but another wet week is headed our way, with a few breaks of sunshine in between. According to Weather Underground, you should be seeing some rain in San Francisco starting Monday afternoon, with a 15 percent chance of showers starting around noon, rising steadily throughout the day to a 60 percent chance at 4 p.m., meaning you should be packing or purchasing an umbrella in anticipation of the evening commute.

The drizzle will continue into Tuesday, tapering off by Tuesday afternoon, and Wednesday looks to be the only sunny day this week, with part clouds and a high of 65.

As the Examiner tell us, rainfall totals will be 0.2 to 0.5 inches depending on where you are around the Bay, for the early part of the week, and a second round of rain will begin Thursday. Weather Underground puts SF's chance of getting that rain at 75 percent by Thursday evening around 5 or 6. That wetness continues through Friday and possibly into the early hours of Saturday, which may impact some of your Halloween wandering plans, though it looks like Saturday will be drier but cloudy, with yet another chance of rain hitting on Sunday, if the models hold.

In better news, actual Halloween, which is a week from today, looks to be likely clear, with a high of 62. But that's a Monday, and only the hard-core costumers will be out and about that night.

But yes, everybody, fall is upon us, you can probably retire your shorts collection to wherever you retire it to for the season — though there are occasionally those nice November sun surprises.

Here's a fall tune to try to get you in an autumnal headspace, from the new Bon Iver album.