Regarding an Amber Alert with the cryptic message "refer to local media" received by some San Franciscans today and this evening:

The concern comes from Guerneville, where a grandmother with custody over her 7-month old grandson reported him abducted. She suspects her daughter (the child's mother) Hannah Ashley took him, as she had threatened to do. Hannah has not threatened harm to her son and they are thought to be safe.

The grandmother called to report her grandson, Henry Ashley, missing at 8:30 a.m. on Sunday. Henry was taken from his crib according to the Sonoma Sheriff's office on Faceoook.

"At this time a BOL for Hannah Ashley has been placed. Ashley drives a silver Subaru Forester with a CA license plate of 5JKZ255." they write. "If Ashley is spotted you are requested to call Sonoma County Sheriff’s Dispatch at 707-565-2121 or 911."