Another documentary has been made about tech wealth, gentrification, and San Francisco called Company Town, and it will be premiering at the Roxie next week, starting Friday, October 28. It's directed and produced by the Berkeley-based team of Alan Snitow and Deborah Kaufman, and it appears to focus on the District 3 supervisor election of 2015 which pitted former supervisor Aaron Peskin against the more moderate (and tech-friendly) Julie Christensen, who had been appointed to the vacant seat the previous year by Mayor Ed Lee.

Says Season of the Witch author and Salon co-founder David Talbot, "Company Town is a shot of political energy, just when we need it most — a valentine to the weird and wild hurly-burly of the electoral process at the grassroots level, from where true democracy springs."

The topics in the trailer are all too familiar to everyone who reads this site — tensions over the "sharing economy," evictions, and the implications of the latest gold rush represented by the tech boom. But Snitnow and Kaufman have been known for tackling a wide range of topics, and they're likely to frame their story about the Peskin-Christensen battle with some healthy, journalistic skepticism.

Check it out if you're so inclined.