It appears that the once endangered Lone Star Saloon on Harrison Street is in the process of changing hands just months after the 27-year-old gay bar was granted Legacy Business status by the city. SFist has reached out to current owner Tony Huerta for comment, but according to a liquor license transfer application sent by a tipster, the buyers are longtime Lone Star bartenders Charlie Evans and Bruce Jennison, along with Yayoi Mirande.

SFist has reached out to Huerta for comment on the sale.

Huerta was a vocal supporter last year of Prop J, the legacy business ordinance, citing the very real possibility that the bar could close in the next few years should the building owner decide to sell the property, or develop it. At the time he said the bar's lease was up in four years and the owner was looking to keep his options open.

The sale to Evans and Jennison hopefully indicates that the bar's future is a bit more secure now — Legacy Business status, which the bar won in August, provides financial incentives to landlords to write longer leases of 10 years or more, and make it more difficult to alter or try to demolish a historic business.

I will let you know if there are any updates — Huerta has not made any public announcement about the sale yet on Facebook.

Update: Huerta writes, "As many of you know, The Lone Star Saloon was granted legacy business status by the city. Since then, my business partners and I have been able to secure a golden long term lease, securing the future of the bar for the next generation. We have decided to sell the bar to Charlie Evans and Bruce Jennison, two long time bartenders who have been on staff for much longer than me. We cannot think of more fitting guardians of this historic business than two of its most loyal employees. I very much intend to continue participating in the nightlife community after a brief break to travel and spend time with my family."

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