It was a result that defied the mystical logic of even-year World Series wins that's become dogma for San Francisco Giants fans. Last night at AT&T Park, the home team lost to the visiting Cubs in the ninth, who depressingly blew their lead to lose 6-5 and seal Chicago's series win 3-1, breaking the Giants' 10-game winning streak

As the Giants took World Series titles in 2010, 2012, and 2014, expectations for 2016 were high, if tempered by a lackluster regular season. The team managed to roar back to life in order to clinch to clinch the Wild Card spot and defeat the Mets in a do-or-die game last week, but they quickly fell behind the favored Cubs in the National League Division Series. A high-energy game three win against the Cubs in extra innings bolstered hopes, but in game four last night, after eight strong innings pitched by Matt Moore, relievers let in four runs as the Cubs came from behind for the win.

“It kind of gives you an empty stomach to go out like this,” the Examiner quotes manager Bruce Bochy as saying, presumably referring to the nearly inevitable collapse of his bullpen. “But these guys, last two weeks have been playoff games, they played their hearts out. It’s a tough way to go out.”

The superstitious among us may have theories involving Draymond Green, the Golden State Warrior who threw out the first pitch. But, to bastardize the Giants' mantra of "BeliEVEN," which we can now retire, the result is fairly "believeinevitable," or something. And, for the record, the Cubs don't exactly win every other year, now do they?

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