As we count down the final 27 days until this other-worldly nightmare of an election is hopefully, sweet Jesus, over and done with and not hampered by some crazy recount or something more surreal and nausea-inducing, KQED has done us the solid of tracking all the California lawmakers, both in the U.S. Congress and in Sacramento, who are still backing Donald Trump.

In other words, these are the kinds of Republicans representing such staunchly conservative parts of the state that they don't care about Trump's catalogue of lies, abuses, incendiary statements, racist hate speech, sexism, lack of qualifications, insecurity, tiny hands, and all-around assholery, and would still despite everything rather support their party's candidate and light the Constitution on fire than see Hillary Clinton become president.

To all of them, I'm sure you have a few choice words to say, and even if you're not in their districts you can feel free to do so through their official websites or office phone lines.

Below, a partial list (KQED is still waiting on official comment from some of them, who may be on the fence at this point and looking to save their own skin by throwing Trump under the bus, like House Speaker Paul Ryan).


CA-01 Rep. Doug LaMalfa - Over the weekend LaMalfa, who represents a swath of rural northeastern California including Redding, Chico, and Susanville, made comments to KHSL that Trump’s comments in recently leaked, 2005 Billy Bush video, were “unacceptable braggadocio language for any man to be using.”

CA-04 Rep. Tom McClintock - McClintock, who's been in Congress since 2009 representing the eastern, Sierra Nevada-adjacent 4th congressional district, still supports Trump. From Monday: “I cannot understand why so many hand-wringing Republican leaders can’t bear to stand up.”

CA-08 Rep. Paul Cook, a retired colonel whose district covers the Mojave desert and most of San Bernardino county, who is up for reelection, has been pretty quiet about the election since he won his own primary fight in June, but he did issue a statement earlier this year saying "While we don't agree on every subject, our country can't afford Hillary Clinton as president." He has not retracted that, but weirdly the page that KQED linked to for that statement no longer contains that sentence.

CA-10 Rep. Jeff Denham - Denham, whose Central Valley district includes Oakdale, Manteca, Modesto, Tracy, and Turlock, recently told the Modesto Bee that he was “deeply disappointed to hear about Donald Trump’s language toward women,” but he's so far still refusing to drop his support.

CA-22 Rep. Devin Nunes - He supports Trump as his party's nominee, but has said, per the LA Times, that "as chairman of the House Intelligence Committee he stays neutral because he has to brief the nominees." He still has refused to comment on the recent video revelation.

CA-23 Rep. Kevin McCarthy - The House Majority Leader supports Trump, but he said following the release of the video that Trump needs to make a "full and unqualified apology."

CA-39 Rep. Ed Royce - At least as of May he was supporting Trump, and the LA Times quotes him as saying, "I have always voted for the Republican nominee and will do so again this year because a third term of the Obama-Clinton administration would be disastrous for Southern California families and our nation."

CA-42 Rep. Ken Calvert
Calvert maintains his support for the candidate but posted a statement Monday saying, “the comments from the 2005 recording were offensive, demeaning to women and beyond the pale.”

CA-45 Rep. Mimi Walters - Walters called Trump's comments “offensive,” but remains a supporter.

CA-48 Rep. Dana Rohrabacher Rohrabacher went as far as telling the Orange County Register that “Republicans who are backing away are gutless.”

CA-49 Rep. Darrell Issa - Originally a Rubio supporter, Issa has said, "Hillary Clinton makes it clear she's running for Barack Obama's third term in the White House with nothing but a different name on the door." BUT, Issa tweeted on Friday that Trump's "behavior has no place in American politics."


AD-67 Asm. Melissa Melendez supports Trump. Per KQED, she said in a statement: “Donald Trump has my vote. Hillary’s actions speak louder than Trump’s words.”

AD-68 Steve Choi - Choi supports Trump and believes his weekend apology to be sincere.

AD-72 Asm. Travis Allen - At least previously supported Trump, but has made no new statement.

AD-74 Asm. Matthew Harper - At least previously supported Trump, but has made no new statement.


SD-08 Sen. Tom Berryhill - Earlier said that he is “backing Donald Trump for sure.”

SD-23 Sen. Mike Morrell - Earlier told the San Bernardino Sun, "With the passing of Justice (Antonin) Scalia, the next president has the opportunity to shape the court for generations. I believe that Trump will appoint an originalist who will defend the Constitution, limit government’s power in our lives, and rank the citizen above the state."

SD-28 Sen. Jeff Stone - Earlier told the Press-Enterprise, "“I have always voted for the Republican nominee for president and will do so again in November because the alternative is unacceptable."

SD-39 Sen. Joel Anderson - Did not respond to KQED for fresh comment, but he served as a Trump delegate at the RNC.

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