U2 was the headliner for Dreamforce's big central concert event Wednesday night at the Cow Palace, and Bono took the opportunity to have a conversation of sorts with a video projection of Donald Trump clips.

Exasperated as many of us are that the big orange monster has gotten this far in this election, Bono decried Trump's oft-stated plans for a "great, great wall" on our southern border — which, interestingly, he hasn't mentioned in a while! — and shouted, "Good people are not gonna stay silent while you run off with the American dream. Alright, candidate? You hear me, candidate? You’re fired!”

As CBS 5 reports, Bono staged a similar interlude using clips of Trump at a Las Vegas music festival last month during the band's performance of "Desire."

On Charlie Rose, Bono previously criticized Trump saying, "I don’t think he’s a Republican. I think he’s hijacked the party, and I think he’s trying to hijack the idea of America. And I think it’s bigger than all of us. I think this is really dangerous… Wise people of conscience should not let this man turn your country into a casino."

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