So we were all pretty bummed out when we learned, as promised, that the new iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus would be without a headphone jack. Well, in a surprise to no one, some online jokester decided to prey upon the smart-phone wielding world's disappointment and see how many people he could convince to drill a "headphone jack" into their brand new pocket computer. Unfortunately, as we learn via the Chronicle, he appears to have had some success.

"So a lot of people have been complaining recently that the iPhone 7 lacks the headphone jack — it's something that's been on every generation model iPhone," explains the narrator of the above embedded video. "It's not there anymore — you gotta use an adapter or you gotta wait until the $159 wireless earpods that you might drop and somebody's gonna step on. So, I found perfect solution to this problem guys — it's a very simple tutorial, just follow along guys."

He then proceeds to put the new phone in a vice, and drill a hole in the bottom.

This is not the first time someone has attempted to trick the tech-naive into destroying their brand-new iPhone. In 2014 word went around the internet that you could charge your iPhone 6 in the microwave (you can't).

The Chronicle did a dive into the video's comment section so you don't have to, and found examples of people livid at having broken their iPhones after trying the drilling technique ("FUCKER!!!," reads one of the comments, "I DID THIS TO MY MOMS PHONE AND IT BROKE!! SHE HAS AN IMPORTANT BUSINESS ON HER PHONE AND NOW SHES GONNA SUE YOU!!! STUPID ASSHOLE!!!.)

And while we can't be certain that those who claim to have tried the drilling technique aren't just playing along with the joke, at this point, not much would surprise us.

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