I have some excellent news. Back in July we heard the ominous news that beloved sh*thole dive bar Mr. Bing's had been sold to new owners, the owners of Ireland's 32 in the Inner Richmond. There was talk of some renovations, and speculation that it might be transformed into an Irish bar, but it sounds like that concern was unfounded. Hoodline, which first floated that idea, now confirms that Ireland's 32 owner Pete Cooper does not intend to change the place in any significant way, and Mr. Bing's will indeed stay Mr. Bing's

In somewhat cryptic, Irish storyteller fashion, Cooper responded to a question about his plans for the iconic bar by saying, "For those who understand, there is no explanation necessary; for those who don't understand, there is no explanation possible."

We do know that renovations and some touch-up work to the space will be happening and there will be a brief closure in mid-October for that to occur. Bartender Chandra Walker tells Hoodline that the floors need some work, and that there could be some kind of change in character to the place, as happens with any new owner.

But, we can all rest easy that one of SFist's favorite cheap dive bars is not going to vanish, or become a craft cocktail place. (RIP, Dave's.)

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