Shaved snow is in the forecast this week, with the Taiwanese-style treat — somewhere between shaved ice and ice cream — arriving at a permanent spot on the Divisadero corridor this Friday. So far, the proprietors of the coming shop, Powder, have only been sharing their wares with Off The Grid goers. Yesterday, they announced on Facebook that they'll start serving shaved snow — in flavors like horchata, black sesame, Vietnamese coffee, and matcha green tea — at their first brick-and-mortar space on Friday at noon.

This spring, Eater learned that owners David Chung and Mimi Hanley had found their location at Haight and Divis, and yesterday Inside Scoop had details on the opening, as well as Powder's shaved snow-making process. To create delicate ribbons of shaved snow, Powder combines Straus Creamery dairy, flavors, and filtered water, freezing the mixture into blocks and shaving those blocks to order.


San Francisco magazine checked in with Powder as they were making preparations this summer, and Hanley explained that the shop hoped to "bridge the gap between something totally foreign and mainstream America.”

Powder260 Divisadero (at Haight), Open Tuesday - Sunday, 12 p.m. to 10 p.m., starting Friday, September 23

Powder Shaved Snow via Facebook