As the Giants's playoff chances continue to dwindle, the bullpen at last night's game against the Dodgers wasn't the only part of the team raising eyebrows in shock and dropping jaws in disbelief. As Yahoo Sports reports, someone with access to the team's social media account tweeted out — then quickly deleted — a failed attempt at being clever that instead just read as anti-Semitic.

And the thing is, it's so obviously an awful and offensive tweet that it's hard to imagine how anyone managed to hit the "tweet" button on it without first doing a huge double-take.

"Mr. Bumgarner gets KKKike for the third time tonight 👌," the offending statement read.

Now, those who don't follow baseball may not realize that the "K" refers to a strikeout, and so the "KKK" is in reference to three strikeouts pitched by Madison Bumgarner. That being said, the "Kike" part of the tweet would likely trip up even baseball fans. First, as CBS 5 informs us, it was likely supposed to read "Kiké" — the nickname of Dodgers outfielder Enrique Hernandez. In other words, the tweet was supposed to celebrate Bumgarner's third strikeout of Hernandez. Get it?

Instead, the Giants managed to reference the Ku Klux Klan and include an incredibly offensive slur for Jewish people all in the same tweet.

Maybe next time swap out that "A-OK" emoji for a face-palm, as that seems like the appropriate reaction to this season anyway.

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