Raiders fans are not a typically quiet bunch, and today we can add one more criticism to the list: terrible karate moves. Video from Sunday's home game against the Falcons shows what has to be one of the most interesting fights to grace the Coliseum in years.

Two men, both wearing Raiders jerseys, face off in the video. In it, one stands in a calm and unthreatening manner, while the other squats and moves his arms as if he's attempting to channel his inner warrior. After the significantly shorter of the two knocks the sunglasses off the calm man's face, he retracts into his crouched pose — perhaps waiting for a retaliatory strike.

And retaliate the aggrieved and shade-less man does — with a quick left-swing followed by a right. A bystander throws himself into the mix, and sucker-punches the dazed karate enthusiast, who quickly collapses on the stairs.

"He deserved it," says someone near by.

It should, of course, be noted that sports fan-on-fan violence is a very serious thing and should be treated as such — a fact we're sure the aspiring karate master is now pondering while holding an ice pack to his head.

If he's not in jail, that is.

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