Warm temperatures and clear skies sent droves of people to Ocean Beach Sunday — and when there are crowds at the ocean's edge, folks in jeopardy are almost sure to follow. In Sunday's case, the imperiled were a man and a dog, both of which were pulled to safety by rescue crews.

According to NBC Bay Area, emergency responders were called to a rocky outcropping near the Cliff House early Sunday afternoon for two separate rescues, of the human and canine varieties.

The man, NBC reports, was "trapped between the crashing waves and the rocks" until rescuers climbed down and pulled him to safety. But "at the same time," an apparently unrelated corgi took off down the cliff and got similarly trapped, requiring a second rescue (which involved a super cute emergency harness) just feet away from the first.

Both the man and the dog were uninjured following their respective ordeals. In fact, says one member of the San Francisco Fire Department, the pup was unfazed by the incident.

"The dog was mellow and happy," SFFD Battalion Chief Anita Paratley says,"and had the crowd cheering him on" as he was raised to safety.