Taking the cynical — if sometimes accurate — stance that it's easy to hate the cops until you're the victim of a crime, South Park's creators just released this teaser for their new season, which kicks off tomorrow (Wednesday) on Comedy Central, pointing the finger at Colin Kaepernick's national anthem protest. Timely as ever, the clip shows the residents of South Park pledging allegiance in a stadium, calling out Kaepernick by name, and singing, to the tune of the national anthem, "Colin Kaepernick is brave! Cops are pigs cops are pigs. Wait someone just took my stuff, and I need to call the cops."

This is South Park's 20th (!) season, with 10 new episodes to begin airing September 14. And, following on the high bar set last season with the cycle of interconnected episodes skewering everything from Yelpers, to generic gentrification, to Caitlyn Jenner, I have high hopes for how hilariously terrible they will remind America it is this season. Surely Trump, or someone like him, will make a reappearance, as he did last season, in an episode that ended with him getting aggressively fucked by Mr. Garrison.

Update: Here's another clip from the episode, titled "Our Anthem Needs To Be Updated."

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