Valencia & Kebab (525 Valencia Street), the relocated business formerly known as Hayes & Kebab that opened in the Mission last November, is fully papered over and appears closed as of today, though Yelp has still not been informed and there is no sign on the door explaining things. Also, no one answered the phone and there was no voicemail picking up.

A quick search on the restaurant's liquor license, for just beer and wine, shows that a temporary license was only issued in June and permanent license transfer from former tenant Gajalee was still pending.

According to SFist's Caleb Pershan, the place was rarely full since opening, but they enjoyed decent Yelp reviews and appear to have been open as recently as last week.

The possibility remains that the place is just undergoing some painting or a remodel.

That is a hot block of restaurant real estate however, on Valencia between 16th and 17th, which is shared with the likes of Locanda, Bar Tartine, Puerto Allegre, and West of Pecos. And, typically, the restaurant should have been open at 11 a.m. today, and no sign giving a reason for the closure is a bad sign.

More on this as we get confirmation or any further information.

Update: Mission Local got confirmation from the owners that they have indeed closed for good, citing staffing troubles and subsequent complaints from customers and "bad Yelp reviews."