While the 49ers have been in the news a lot recently, it hasn't been for their rosy 2016 season prospects. Indeed, as the Chronicle reports, with sports pundits predicting a difficult year for the Santa Clara-based team, tonight's opening game against the Los Angeles Rams (yes, they moved back to LA) is notable for another reason: With season ticket holders desperately trying to sell their tickets and fans bailing in droves, it literally costs more to park at tonight's game than it does to watch it from the stands.

According to the Chron, opening night tickets were for sale on Ticketmaster this morning for the price of $40. Levi's Stadium parking passes were selling for $50.

With tonight the regular season debut for the team's new coach, The Lion King-loving Chip Kelly, one would perhaps expect healthy ticket sales. However, as fans continue to be less than enthused about the troubled franchise, the numbers don't exactly bear that postulation out.

In fact, with ABC 7 reporting that Blaine Gabbert is starting at quarterback tonight, it seems the best selling thing about the Niners is back-up QB Colin Kaepernick's jersey. According to SB Nation, his jersey sales jumped to number 1 in the NFL following his national anthem protest.

And yes, at $100, those too cost more than a 49ers opening night ticket.

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