If you were at Burning Man this year, you're probably still getting your default-world bearings back and crying over your laptop every day looking at photos and video. If you weren't at Burning Man, you've probably seen enough. Nevertheless, here are two more videos that are still enjoyable, in my opinion, for either camp. Above, a fun, HD trip around the playa by day and night, by Junkee, featuring a bunch of parties and art you may not have seen yet.

Also, we get news today via SFGate, and via the Facebook account Burn.Life, that some of David Bowie's ashes made it to the Temple this year, and there was a small procession to deliver them with art cars playing Bowie tunes. Apparently, and this is unconfirmed, Bowie's unidentified goddaughter delivered them there — even though Bowie's only wish in his will was that his ashes be scattered somewhere in Bali. Burn.Life says they got confirmation about the ashes from a member of the Temple crew who took part in the procession.

And, finally, below, we have Playa Elvis singing Simon & Garfunkel's "A Bridge Over Troubled Water," even though he seems to think that "water" is plural.

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