A man stands accused of setting fire to his estranged wife's hotel room following a domestic dispute in Palo Alto. Palo Alto Online reports that when police tracked down the suspected arsonist, he allegedly pulled a knife on them and dared officers to shoot.

This all went down Tuesday night at the Glass Slipper Inn, and officials have pieced together what they say is the timeline of events leading to the arrest of 22-year-old Miguel Angel Gamero. Gamero's wife is reported to have a no-contact restraining order against her husband, but that didn't stop him from allegedly going to the hotel room where she stayed.

The two apparently began to argue, and the wife took off (which: smart move) — leaving Gamero alone in the rented room. It was a short time later — CBS 5 reports just before 9:00 p.m. — when the fire was reported. Hotel management called the woman, and she returned to speak with investigators about the blaze.

Police shortly thereafter tracked down Gamero, and it was at that time they say he pulled out a knife and dared officers to shoot him. No one was injured during the arrest, and officials say they found both methamphetamine and narcotics paraphernalia in Gamero's possession.

The hotel, however, was not so lucky. While fortunately no guests were injured, one room and part of the attic were badly burned. Twenty-five people had to be evacuated.

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