A tiny Dachshund mix named Goose is missing today, after she was reportedly stolen from outside a SoMa grocery store.

NBC Bay Area has the tale, saying that Goose's guardian, Danielle Russo, leashed the pup up to a lamp post outside the Whole Foods Market on 399 Fourth Street (which is at the corner of Harrison Street) between 3:15 and 3:45 Tuesday afternoon.

According to NBC, a passing man then took Goose, witnessed by a "concerned Whole Foods customer" who shot cellphone video of the man unleashing the dog and walking away with her.

Speaking with SFist earlier this year, San Francisco Animal Care & Control spokesperson Deb Campbell said that though it's a common sight, they strongly advise against ever leaving a pet tied up outside a venue, even for a moment. At the ACC, she said, "we hear about so many dogs that get hurt, killed or stolen while they're tied up while someone just goes in for a second. Leave them at home."

NBC reports that Russo "called the police at about 4 p.m." to alert them to the theft, "and the dispatcher told her they put out an alert with a description of the suspect."

Russo says she also searched for Goose on her own, to no avail. She filed a report with the San Francisco Police Department Tuesday afternoon, which police confirm. As of Wednesday morning, there is no word on Goose's whereabouts or any information on who might have taken her.