That the tech industry is rife with sexism is not a shocker in 2016. That someone would openly admit to discriminating against women while simultaneously pondering the merits of having an in-office stripper party, well, that's still a bit beyond the pale. According to a Reddit post picked up by the Daily Dot, that is exactly what one San Jose tech executive is doing — proving once again that stupidity has no bounds.

Now, an important proviso before we get too deep in the shit here: This was posted to Reddit, and we neither know the company involved nor can be certain that it's not some elaborate troll. However, that being said, it definitely reads as legit.

Here, for posterity, is the post in its entirety:

Hello, I founded a technology company about 5 months ago, and hired a few acquaintances of mine to work on it with me. After we launched our product, we outperformed our sales expectations by a huge margin, which I believe is a call for celebration.

I told the guys that they could choose whatever they wanted as celebration on me. They opted to have an office party...with strippers.

I found a few agencies that handle that kind of thing, but before I even go there I'd just like to clarify that I wouldn't be in violation of any laws before I go ahead with this.

I don't want to get charged with obscenity or promoting lewdness or some bs like that. I live in the city of San Jose, if it is relevant. Its not really an issue of investor funds either, because I funded the venture myself, with money from previous jobs and business ventures.

So am I in the clear with this? Are there any potential issues that may arise in regards to police or anything like that, zoning stuff maybe?

But wait, it gets worse. When people responded to his post to point out the obvious — that office strippers probably constitute a hostile work environment — the poster implies that it's all good because none of his 16 employees are women (that men, even those working in tech, might also find strippers at work a no-go doesn't seem to occur to him). And then he takes it a step further.

"Officially: I hire the best candidate for the job," he writes. "Unofficially: unfortunately California is one of the only states that requires paid maternity leave for female employees, making female employees quite a risk for smaller businesses."

And why not really hammer it home just in case anyone was unclear what this self-identified tech executive thinks of hiring women. "Female candidates are usually less qualified for technology and don't come from strong cs backgrounds as often as their male counterparts," he writes. "That combined with California's ridiculous maternity leave laws make female applicants quite undesirable."

Please excuse me while I go scream into a pillow.

As of this time the poster, who goes by "fjfilin," has yet to be identified — making it all the more difficult to avoid his insufferable awfulness. However, the fact that his 17-person company employs no women is probably enough of a red flag. And anyway, as Fusion points out, parental leave in California is a gender-neutral thing — so not only is this exec sexist, but he's also fairly uninformed.


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