Chapter One: The Kiteboarding Legacy Begins is a new documentary by Bob van de Gronde, sponsored it seems by file-transfer company WeTransfer, all about the growing popularity of kiteboarding/kitesurfing, shot partly here in San Francisco Bay. Kiteboarding enthusiast Richard Branson appears, as do a bunch of notable kiteboarders like Ruben Lenten, Jesse Richman, and Pete Cabrinha — and there are some stunning wipeouts in the trailer.

Director of Photography Arthur Neumeier captures some stunning images of flying over the Golden Gate Bridge, and all around locales where kiteboarding has been taking off, including Fiji, Amsterdam, and elsewhere.

It's apparently the first ever feature-length film about kitesurfing, and it's having its world premiere here at the Palace of Fine Arts on September 15. You can find tickets here, and those apparently include a drink. There will also be a Q&A with the filmmakers and several of the athletes featured.