This just in via social media and one of my many friends and acquaintances who are playa-bound already: Burners en route to Black Rock City were allegedly being entrapped by cops in tiny Wadsworth, Nevada, just north of I-80 along highway 447, on the last leg of the trip toward Gerlach and the Black Rock Desert, and being given tickets just for sport.

Says this friend: "They have a pedestrian standing at a crosswalk in Wadsworth and any car that doesn't yield is getting pulled over. The pedestrian does not look like he's actively going to cross. He looks like a guy with a walkie talkie who's part of the 5-6 cop cars pulling people over."

The situation sounds pretty sketchy, and was occurring just before noon Friday as early-arriving Burners began flowing off the exit to 447, heading north. "It's confusing and a complete set up," says the witness. "Every single car is getting pulled over. Be careful on your drive in. They're taking complete advantage."

This may be Nevada Highway Patrol or Washoe County sheriff's deputies — that part is unclear — and we obviously can't independently confirm this is happening.

But you've been warned.

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