A woman who police say was involved with the May torture and murder of a 66-year-old homeless man in Golden Gate Park has been arrested in northern Arizona. The Chronicle reports that the SF District Attorney’s office had been on the lookout for 19-year-old Sahmanntha Rundstrom (possibly a made-up Facebook spelling) for some time, and were finally able to determine her location after she posted it to Facebook.

What's more, according to KRON4 police arrested yet another suspect in connection with the death. SFPD on Tuesday took 26-year-old Michael Grasso into custody on suspicion of murder.

For those of you who managed to avoid having this terrible story seared into your mind, a quick recap: On the morning of May 24, a gardener found Stephen Williams floating face down in Golden Gate Park's Alvord Lake. He had apparently been living in the park for some time, but got on the wrong side of other transients after allegedly being spotted masturbating outdoors, near children.

Two men, 20-year-old Stephen Billingsley and 37-year-old Nikki Williams (who go by "Pizza Steve" and "Evil," respectively), stand accused of seeking "street justice" against Williams. Their version of justice allegedly took the form of beating and dragging Stephen Williams into Alvord Lake repeatedly over the course of three days. On the final day, they reportedly knocked him unconsciousness and left him face down in the lake.

Billingsley was charged in June with elder abuse, conspiracy, murder, torture, and assault, and Nikki Williams was charged with false imprisonment, conspiracy, elder abuse, and assault. However, it was suspected that another group of people — perhaps known as the "travelers" — may have also contributed to Williams death.

It is not clear if Rundstrom is an aforementioned "traveler," but officials say she participated in the crime.

Her whereabouts were unknown until the District Attorney’s office in San Francisco saw that she posted a note to Facebook about her car being broken down in Flagstaff. Flagstaff police were able to track her down and arrest her, and she will be extradited to San Francisco.

Charges against Rundstrom have yet to be filed. Grasso is in San Francisco County Jail, and has a bail of at least $1,000,000.

This story has been updated to include the arrest of Michael Grasso.

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