An early-morning display of illicit automotive daredevilry took over a South of Market intersection Monday morning, but by the time police arrived the motoring miscreants had fled for parts unknown.

ABC7 points us to this video from Twitter user "hookemdm," reportedly of a sideshow that went down at 1:30 Monday morning:

According to "hookemdm" (aka "Dan The Man"), as many as six vehicles were involved in the sideshow, which reportedly took place at the intersection of First and Folsom Streets.

"hookemdm" tells ABC 7 that "four of the vehicles were blocking Folsom while the other two were doing spinning tricks."

A spokesperson with the San Francisco Police Department confirms that they did indeed receive calls regarding the sideshow, but says that the reckless rascals had fled before they arrived on the scene...and remain free to doughnut another day.

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