Two men visiting San Francisco tourist hotspot Twin Peaks ended up with a harrowing story to tell the folks back home, when they were robbed of pretty much everything you could think of Monday evening.

The victims, who are aged 23 and 25, were taking photos atop Twin Peaks at 10:10 p.m. Monday, according to the San Francisco Police Department.

Two men in their 20s approached the photographers, police say, with one of the men putting a "black handgun" to the 25-year-olds back.

The gun-wielding man "threatened to shoot them if they yelled," according to the SFPD, and ordered the men to hand over their possessions. The tourists complied, and the suspects fled on foot.

All in all, the robbers got away with a backpack, two tablets computers, a hard drive, a camera, a camera lens, and both Euros and US cash.

As followers of San Francisco crime likely know, Twin Peaks has lately become a scene of numerous crimes, especially ones targeting tourists who might be unaware of the perils that lurk on the streets of SF. Following a double homicide that took place at the destination in February of this year District Eight Supervisor Scott Wiener cited police staffing issues as part of the crime wave in the area.

"We've had some real challenges up on Twin Peaks, particularly auto break-ins, some violent crime, but mostly auto break-ins...We don't have enough police officers, we need more police" in the area, Wiener said at the time.

A call to SFPD to determine if since Wiener's remarks more department resources had been devoted to Twin Peaks was not returned at publication time.

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