So it's Friday afternoon and you're probably sitting at your desk thinking about weekend plans. Maybe heading out to dinner, or meeting friends at a bar? Many of you, no doubt, will end up at some point hopping into an Uber or Lyft to get to or from your party destination of choice. However, you likely don't realize that by eschewing taxis in favor of their ride-hail competitors you're depriving yourself of one of the great joys in life: Legally getting drunk in a taxi.

That's right, as the Examiner reminds us, it's completely legal to drink alcohol in the backseat of cab. Say hello to your new best friend: California Vehicle Code 23221. According to the Shouse California Law Group, this gives passengers in party buses, limos, and taxis the right to get totally sauced on their way to wherever. This, it should be strongly noted, does NOT apply to Ubers or Lyfts as those are considered private vehicles.

So hop in a cab, crack a few beers, and split the fare five ways on five different credit cards (as Thrillist notes, California cabs legally have to accept major credit cards and are required to split fares if so requested) — just remember to leave a nice tip. Oh, and don't puke in the cab, as that will cost you up to $100 (but legally no more!) in cleaning fees.

You're welcome, and happy weekend travels.

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