Tiny, always crowded Pizzetta 211 (211 23rd Avenue) has been a neighborhood favorite in the Outer Richmond for 17 years now, never expanding beyond its handful of seats and closet-sized kitchen. But now, as Tablehopper reported earlier this week and as Eater now confirms via owner Jack Murphy, the team is taking over the former laundromat next door in order to open a new seafood spot. Sadly, though, this means the wait at Pizzetta 211 will remain the same as it is ever was.

The plan, says Murphy, who'll be partnering in the new venture with chef Mel Lopez and four other employees, is "a seafood-focused menu centered around a wood-fired oven and family-style options," with housemade pastas and entrés all priced between $22 and $30, and small plates around $15.

There's been some trouble so far securing a liquor license, Murphy tells Eater, but that's probably OK since they've got some time. The space requires a significant buildout, and right now they're aiming for a Summer 2017 opening.

Pizzetta 211 has long been a hidden gem that many who don't live in the western half of the city might not even have heard of. The place holds a perennial spot on SFist's Best Pizza lists, and as Ms. Tablehopper Marcia Gagliardi noted several years ago, "This place gets maligned for all its quirks and even quirkier staff," but they make "scrumptious, thin-crust Neapolitan style pies made with stellar and often organic/sustainable/local ingredients."

The trick is, try to go super early on an odd night, and don't go starving because you're gonna wait a while to eat.