The Upper Haight's experiment in pop-up food halls is coming to an abrupt end as Second Act Marketplace (1727 Haight Street), in part of what was formerly the Red Vic movie house, is closing its doors on August 28. Owners Jack and Betsy Rix, who were founding members of the Red Vic collective, explained to Hoodline that the reason for the closure has mostly to do with the vendors themselves — three of them, RAW, Crepe La Vie, and Burma Bear, all moved on this past spring, and Anda Piroshki announced it is ceasing operations at the end of this month because its commercial kitchen rent tripled.

Second Act will be focusing on special events for now, but the space is now up for lease.

Betsy Rix tells the Chronicle, "Basically we had an amount of turnover that was unsustainable for us. It was already getting difficult to find new tenants, and finding four to five tenants was not happening.”

The food hall opened in 2014 and was one of several such concepts to appear around town, housing multiple small-scale vendors and food startups, like The Hall on Mid-Market, and The Myriad on Upper Market. Notably, RAW, a juice operation, relocated from Second Act to The Myriad, like seeking more foot traffic.

Now, after a very brief second act, the former Red Vic will be heading for a third act, via a new lessee.

Anda Piroshki, which also ran a second location in Bernal Heights food hall 331 Cortland, posted the video below to Facebook to say goodbye.