Six-year-old French bulldog Sassy Pants (actual name), who was lost in Novato, is alive and well according two animal psychics hired by pet owner Kelly Kinnard of Larkspur. Banking on their intuition, the Marin Independent Journal reports that Kinnard is offering a $10,000 reward for Sassy Pants' safe return.

Call me a skeptic, but since Sassy Pants has been missing since late June and Kinnard has already enlisted the services of a pet detective, it seems unlikely that such a return is in order.

But Kinnard, an executive recruiter, isn't giving up hope. "This dog is my baby and I just want her back,” she said. “It kills me to think she is out there scared, hungry or neglected and not being treated like a queen, the way she is treated by us. She is part of the family. I don’t have a kid. She is my kid.”"

According to the above video, created to raise awareness about the search for Sassy Pants, the dog was off leash with a dog sitter and become lost when she chased a squirrel.

Kinnard's theory? After she and her boyfriend put up lost dog fliers in Novato, she found that they had been taken down. "Why would someone do that?" she says conspiratorially. "It almost seems like someone is keeping her and doesn't want the attention."

Have you seen Sassy Pants or communicated with her telepathically? Reach out to [email protected] if so.

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