Don’t miss the final weeks of the exhibition The New York Times calls “a feast for the eyes.” See the most prized possessions from nine of China’s rulers—from a Mongol conqueror to a decadent empress dowager—each ruler’s tastes are as distinct as their favorite works of art. Passed from dynasty to dynasty and once sheltered in Beijing’s Forbidden City, these masterpieces were conveyed to Taiwan amidst conflict and now reside in the National Palace Museum, Taipei.

This exhibition, the only West Coast presentation, showcases over 150 exquisite objects, most on view in the U.S. for the first time, including the world-famous “Meat-shaped stone” and what is known by experts as the “holy grail” of Chinese porcelains, a dainty cup featuring a family of chickens (a similar piece sold at auction for $36 million in 2014).

Take this rare opportunity to see the “best of the best” of Chinese imperial art and priceless treasures cherished by emperors. See it before it ends, September 18.

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