The Obamas are officially on vacation in Martha's Vineyard again, for two full weeks, and the President had a rematch on Monday with Steph Curry at the Farm Neck Golf Club Β— a "grudge match for Curry," as CBS 5 reports, after the President beat Curry at a game of golf last summer (see tweet below). Reportedly, the foursome also included Steph's dad, Dell Curry, a former NBA player for the Charlotte Hornets and more recently a color commentator on Hornets broadcasts.

According to the Vineyard Gazette Β— where, sidebar, today's front-page headline is about this family dog who was rescued after going overboard in Nantucket Sound Β— D.C. lawyer Cy Walker rounded out the foursome, and it was a sunny day with "streaky white clouds" that "carried the promise of a pretty sunset." The public-private 18-hole course at Farm Neck is apparently "a favorite presidential haunt" where President Obama also spent his Sunday afternoon. His partners Sunday were NBA player Chris Paul, Cy Walker, and White House aide Joe Paulsen.

Per KRON 4, we still do not know if the President beat Steph again, or what the scores were, seeing as the media out on the Vineyard clearly can't be counted on for details. The Hill reports that this was the President's 301st golf game since he took office.

Meanwhile, on Monday, Curry's teammates Draymond Green and Kevin Durant were in Rio taking on Venezuela on the men's Olympic basketball squad Β— a game they won handily, 113-69. Curry had to bow out of the Olympics, as you may recall, because he's recovering from a knee injury.

Just the other week we got to see Curry out on the links with pals Justin Timberlake and Alfonso Ribeiro, doing "The Carlton." As USA Today reported last year, Curry is actually a great golf player, in addition to being the NBA's first unanimous MVP Β— he shot a 76 while playing with the President, and that actually hurt his handicap, which was just 2.4 at that time.

From last summer:

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