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A particular Bernal Hill coyote, one of perhaps a few that roam the area's park, has been picking up on cues from local dogs. Now it's playing ball just like its canine cousins, a likely indication that the instinct to meaninglessly chase an object is inherent in all such creatures. Local blog Bernalwood had the evidence from Bernal Instagrammer rallyp_157, and it's delightful.

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Yet don't be fooled: Coyotes, of which there are more in the Presidio, for example, and at least one in Buena Vista park, can be dangerous, especially to your pets. In March, Supervisor Norman Yee of District 7 was alarmed by a potential spike of attacks, calling for a City Hall meeting on the subject.

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Oh, and rallyp_157 als managed to take this picture of a staring contest between wild and tame creatures. Kinda like...

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