Donald Trump is coming back to the Bay Area. The Washington Post reports that the Republican presidential nominee will be heading our way later this month on 21-event fundraising tour that will include reliably blue cities such as Seattle and Portland.

San Francisco may seem like an odd choice for Trump. After all, as Curbed noted in June, the candidate received only 9,000 votes back in our summer primary — that's under 1 percent of those old enough to vote.

However, never the one to let reality impede upon his grandiose plans, to San Francisco he comes. After all, there are a few Trump supporters out here — at least one of whom is exceedingly wealthy.

Although the exact date is yet to be announced, the Seattle Post tells us that the campaign event will be sometime between August 29 and 31. And while the motive behind Trump's visit is explicit — it's a fundraiser, after all — his return to the Bay Area might serve another purpose as well: Stirring up shit.

The last time he was out our way was for a rally down in San Jose. The June 2 event quickly turned violent, and video of protesters attacking Trump fans made national news. Perhaps the Donald is looking for a repeat?

Whatever his true motivation, if past giving is any indication he shouldn't expect much money. One of the biggest industries in the Bay, tech, is not exactly tripping over itself to donate (Peter Thiel aside).

Maybe he's just looking for another chance to beef with Mark Zuckerberg? We could get down with that.

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