In a bid to compete with McDonald's and head off any possibility that they may be taking their Gilroy Garlic Fries national sometime soon, Jack in the Box has just introduced their own Garlic Herb Fries at all their locations nationwide. Brand Eating caught the news, and notes that it was likely an easy rollout for the chain because they're simply repurposing the garlic-herb butter they were already using on the Buttery Jack — a burger with herb butter on it.

These sound a bit less appetizing than the McDonald's version, which uses a puree of Gilroy garlic with fresh herbs and parmesan cheese, like the garlic fries you can find at AT&T Park.

Consumerist wagers that "McDonald’s will probably never take the Gilroy fries national," but I guess Jack in the Box isn't taking any chances.

Also, they note this follows on the trend of fast-food chains adding new menu items by using what they already have on hand in new ways.

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