A man hiking off-trail with a female companion Saturday fell to his death in the area of Sutro Baths and Point Lobos. As the Chronicle reports, the man fell around 4:35 p.m., and despite a rescue effort by by two National Park Service Beach Patrol employees who entered the water in just their shorts, the fallen man was pronounced dead on the scene.

ABC 7 has video of the rescue, seen above, and witnesses suggest the man may have struck some rocks as he fell before landing in the rough surf. The cliff he fell from was 50 to 100 feet high.

Jonathan Baxter, spokesman for the San Francisco Fire Department, praised the two men who attempted the rescue, telling the Chron, "The two put their lives in danger to make sure he had a chance to live. They swam without wetsuits, in shorts without shirts, and really did a heroic job."

KRON 4 notes that the man's "female companion was reported safe without injuries."

This area is becoming notoriously dangerous for those who don't follow posted warnings and guideposts. This incident comes just three weeks after another man had to be rescued after falling off a cliff in this same area and swimming into a cave for safety. Back in January, another man taking a selfie on these same cliffs fell into the choppy waters and had to be rescued.

Update: The deceased man has been identified, per the Chronicle, as 28-year-old Vincent Holland of Merced.

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